A few Project Examples
Group Reservation System

Project objective is the development of a custom Reservation application for a Miami-based Travel Agency and its affiliates in Italy. The key function of the application is the generation of price proposals for customers who are requesting travel arrangements for a group of professionals, primarily in the medical industry, who are attending a seminar or conference. Data related to vendor packages for hotels, transport, tour services and dining are maintained within the application, which allows the Travel Agent to select from available options and create custom Group Reservations for the proposal. For accounting purposes, the application tracks detailed pricing data on the vendor packages so that the Agency can adjust their profit margins and tracks payment/penalty information for the confirmed proposal. A comprehensive list of reports provides the Agency with the ability to review the data associated with their conferences, vendor packages and proposals and process upcoming payment/penalty deadlines.

The system is comprised of a web site designed to host and launch each module of the application, Java based modules and JSP based reports. Modules are written using our Java based Web Forms software using HTML for forms design and Java for Client-side scripting. A middle-tier server (Tomcat/Web Forms) is used to handle JDBC database requests. The data for the application is managed using a MySQL database server. All server side programs (web server, database server, etc.) are portable (Linux,Windows), and can be remotely hosted or located inside the company's office.

Content Management Software for Streaming Media & Web based applications

The system provides centralized User Authentication, Usage Metering and Monitoring. Gained much System Administration experience on NT, Unix OS, Networks, Web Servers and Media Servers.

Key features include: HTTP (Web) Server interface, Portable C/C++, MS SQLServer interface, NT Service, Y2k compliant, Support for RealNetworks RealMedia, Xing Streamworks and MS Netshow; Authentication client plugin for Microsoft NetShow and RealNetworks RealServer on Windows NT and UNIX (Sun OS/Solaris, BSD, Linux); Server Administration applications written using Java, Javascript, XML.

Credit Card Processing interface for an existing mainframe system

The main server runs as a Windows NT service and interfaces to CyberCash E-Commerce software. The system was written in C/C++ and Perl, uses IBM MQ Series for mainframe communications and has an interface to MS SQLServer.